A hair styling salon that has been providing professional excellence in the centre of Shipley since 1998.

Founded back in September 1998 the original Redheadz salon immediately began with the ethos of striving: no matter what to offer excellence with every single styling, cut and colouring – always aiming to bring you that which is consistently evident many years later, demonstrating the true flair and arts in styling that are only available from a Premier Salon of this kind.


The Redheadz Shipley success story continues today at pace, with Our beautifully equipped newly fitted salon at 24 Kirkgate in the heart of this historically positioned market town.

We provide not only amazing results for new and old clients alike, but also a platform for allowing our budding Academy hairstylists to grow and develop their skills in a guided environment – thus paying back years of gained excellence forwards in the other direction,

Something we are truly proud of in dedication to the art of Hairstyling.